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Lyrebird Community Centre is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where we support and promote our communities well being, harmony, cultural diversity and inclusiveness. We also provide opportunities for lifelong learning, education and skills development.

We strive to respond to the expressed needs of our community and be affordable and accessible to all.

We are committed to professional growth without compromising our values.

Our vision of “Bringing the Community Together” is achieved by providing local residents and groups with a modern facility, programs and services which promote and encourage a connected community. These include events, innovative short courses and pre-accredited training. We strive to build on the strengths within our community, through the sharing of talents, skills and knowledge, both now and into the future.


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    Lyrebird Community Centre

    bringing the community together
    Do you want to experience something rewarding and exciting? Lyrebird Community Centre offers lots of great programs, activities and opportunities for local community minded people of all ages to be involved in.

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